Classic Mail Box Package

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Create worthy curb appeal with our Classic Mail Box Package.  This mailbox becomes a centerpiece for your home's landscaping, allowing you to feel proud when friends and family come to visit. The mailbox is one of the first things people see when visiting your home, so it should be something that feels welcoming and stylish. This custom mailbox package is designed to keep mail safer and more secure, while also maintain strict USPS mailbox regulations. It's available in four attractive colors, allowing you to find one that perfectly enhances your home's exterior design. Choose the one you like most and add instant curb appeal to your home's exterior, while upping your home's value.

Customize this mailbox further by adding your address with up to five characters. You can also add your street name with up to sixteen characters for a fully customized appearance.

These mailboxes are made from durable materials and is weather protected to prevent rusting, rotting, and fading when displayed in direct sun, or in locations with lots of rain.  Easy to install- provided aluminum post sleeve simply slips over customer provided 4x4 wood post (wood post not included), and the mail box is secured to the top of aluminum sleeve.