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Living Wall Letters add yet another distinctive green wall element outside your business. Made as plush artificial boxwood lettering, choose also from flowering azalea, or sumptuous English Ivy material. These outdoor living wall letters provide more than green space, however.They also increase modern corporate branding capability. Spell out your company name, logo, or a directional message for a truly unique application of these faux living wall legends. Fire retardant and UV protected, giant topiary letters are perfect when placed at building entrances, restaurants or hotels, even city hall. They are maintenance free and spruce up dull building exteriors while increasing a sense of peaceful green living in an oh-so-Eco-friendly way.

Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - Mugs
Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - BBQ
Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - Margarita
Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - Martini
Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - Wine
Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - Garage Wing
Custom Hanging Garage Plaque with Bracket
Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - Car Grille
Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - Speed Shop
Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - Vintage Car
Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - Racing Wheel
Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - Garage Plaque
Custom Hanging Speed Shop Plaque with Bracket
Custom Wall Mount Novelty Sign - Victory Lane

Custom Metal Signs: A Sign of Character

Custom metal signs provide a unique and compelling format for information and messaging. Yet one of the most distinctive aspects of using distinctive and fun novelty signs is how much character and personality they add to your home or business. With over a dozen styles and shapes to choose from, each sign can be further enhanced to reflect your distinctive style and sentiment. Use our durable aluminum house signs to post your address that is easily visible on your home's exterior. Your home will definitely stand out, unlike any other in your neighborhood. Or add a shape that conveys the nature of your small business such as any of our automotive rendered shapes. We also have many customizable round and oval configured indoor and outdoor wall signs for you to choose from, all made using the highest grade materials available.

Custom Signs Made with Rugged Durability

All our custom hanging signage is made with not just the best aluminum grade material available. We also further protect them with a tough fade, chip and peel resistant all-weather paint, designed to last for years to come. This is also true for our sign hardware as well, as several designs come with brackets that include the same rugged weather-resistant paint for protection. Paint colors and color combinations used for foreground, background and letter come in 15 different choices, from antique bronze and copper to red and silver or gold to dark green with silver or gold. Other colors and color combinations are also available.

Novelty Signs as Gifts

Novelty signs make the perfect gift for a variety of special occasions, from buying a new home to a friend or family member who has just opened a small business. Because the sign blank allows for customization, you can add serious messages or funny messages, depending on what you want to convey. Novelty signs make great additions for adorning interior walls--for work rooms saying things like "don't disturb the mechanic", offices with messages such as "genius at work", and any other message you want to add, including anniversaries, "just married" and more. The largest themed novelty sign section we carry is for automotive but we can create whatever you would like for your special novelty sign gift. Just give us a call to discuss the possibilities - 800-896-0978 for details.