Westwood Faux Balcony

$1,295.00 - $2,220.00
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Lengths Available Heights Available Standard Offset Custom Sizing Available
40"-76" 30"-42" 8" from front to back Yes

Install false balcony railings and instantly rejuvenate curb appeal. Ditch the expensive remodel plans and consider adding a balconet to give unremarkable windows a mark up on character. The Westwood Decorative Iron Balcony features art-deco inspired patterning bent in wrought iron. Great for walkups, townhomes and bungalows with a quaint, stylish feel. Brackets add 12 inches.

Expert craftsmanship and exquisite finishes ensure maximum visual effect and longevity:

  • Wrought iron is an inherent outdoor performer.
  • Powder coated paint adds protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Skilled craftsman work on each and every order to ensure top quality.

Order faux balconies online, choosing from our popular standard sizes and attractive finish options like black, white, copper-tone and bronze-tone. Or, call toll free to request a custom Juliet balcony with made to order measurements and finishing.

Westwood Faux Balcony Details and Features:

  • Hand-crafted, hammered and forged all steel construction
  • 5 stage cleaning process with sand blasting before powder-coat
  • Superior rust and corrosion resistant powder-coat applied
  • Balconies are palletized and shipped common carrier to arrive picture perfect
  • Made to order items are NOT returnable
  • Installation hardware not included
  • Custom sizes encouraged! Call 800-896-0978