English Garden Railing Basket

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English Garden Hayrack Railing Planter Features:

  • Constructed from steel and powder-coated for rust resistance
  • Coconut Coir pre-formed liner included
  • Standard 7.5"W (from front to back) x 8" Height
  • Hard to find longer lengths in stock and ready to ship

Delight your sense of sight and smell with English Garden Hayrack railing planters brimming with colorful and fragrant flowers year round. Large expanses of wrought iron or wood fencing yearn for something interesting and charming to break up the uniformity of balcony or deck railings. We have designed our English Garden Hayrack Railing Planters to be coupled with our engineered brackets that work with standard 2x4, 2x6, or 2x8 wood railings, narrow to wide squared off wrought iron railings, or round rails up to 2.5” in diameter. Each English Garden Hayrack is manufactured from steel, that is then powder-coated to help resist rusting and deterioration. Included with your purchase is the coco liner made from ground up coconut husks molded with tree sap, that fit perfectly inside the hayrack cage. Hard to find lengths are also available, up to 72”, and the standard width is 7.5” and the height is 8”.