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Fieldfare Urn

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The Fieldfare Urn Planters details:

  • Manufactured from rotationally molded poly-resin
  • Looks like textured stone, but is light weight
  • Anti-shock properties give way to long lasting beauty
  • Comes with drainage holes
  • 19.5"Dia x 23"H, base 9"sq 9 gallon capacity

Garden planter urns reflect many styles. The Fieldfare Urn combines classic details for a planter that's as at home today as it might have been a century ago or in ancient Greece! Caviar black and rust are both stunning complements to architectural features and plants. Fieldfare garden planter urns, with a variety of detailing, are perfect for any outdoor setting, crafted of resin to avoid the hassles of similar cement planters, such as cracking if the dirt is left in over a cold winter. In addition to striking bands and rims atop and near the bottom, the urn lines of the Fieldfare outdoor planter features side detail of flowers and other plant parts woven into a shape similar to the garland cords so popular on curtains in bygone eras plus a classic Etruscan effect with subtly rounded vertical convexes at the curve. Stylized leaf detail further accents the pedestal of this lovely Victorian planter. Actually, Fieldfare garden planter urns fit with any older home or smaller commercial building. This urn is guaranteed against sun fade and weather cracking for 10 years, and comes with drainage pre-drilled.