Bel Casa Hanging Basket Bracket

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Giving your hanging planters a little extra something with this stylish bracket. It not only provides a superior location for keeping your hanging plants safe and securely in place, but it will enhance the style of the planter itself. With its gentle scrolls and sweeping curves which intertwine in a delicate design, it's nothing short of beautiful in its own right. This is included with a black finish, but color options may also be available upon request if you wish to coordinate the bracket with your existing planter or exterior design theme.

Each bracket is made from ultra-sturdy steel materials. They're then powder coated to prevent weather damage that would otherwise lead to rusting or corrosion. Additionally, powder coating helps prevent fading when planters are placed in areas with direct sunlight. Even in areas with frequently wet or inclement weather conditions, these brackets will hold up for years to come.

This bracket will hold 16" diameter hanging baskets and mount to any flat surface using the coordinating hardware, which are sold separately. The height of this bracket is 11 inches and is 24" Length. Although they are ideally suited for use along walls, they also make a unique décor options for flat posts, fences, and other locations where a little extra color is desired.