Hawthorne Oval Address Plaque

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Friends and family will find your home easiest when you've got this Hawthorne Oval Estate address plaque. Its stylish design adds instant curb appeal to your home, while the easy-to-read display makes finding your house number and street more efficient. It comes in handy for postal workers, delivery people, and friends or family decide to drop by your home. Its larger size is easy to read, even from a slight distance, so it's easier to spot than comparable address plaques that are often much smaller in size.

The face of the plaque is textured for an added bit of style, and it boasts a two-tone finish for an elegant feel. The border and letters are a sleek metallic finish, while the face is a contrasting color that allows the letters or numbers to stand out for easier reading. This plaque is also available in a wide range of finish options, so you can fully customize its appearance to fully enhance your home's decor.

Weather resistance is added, allowing this item to hold up against wear and tear, even when used in outdoor conditions. You'll find that it won't rust or corrode, and fading is also kept at bay, even in areas with frequently inclement weather or when placed in direct sunlight. 

  • 19" Width x 12" Height
  • Line 1 has a maximum of (5) numbers at 4.5" in height
  • Line 2 has a maxium of (17) characters at 1.75" in height