In Ground Composite Junction Box for Line Voltage Path Lights

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You've carefully selected the perfect path lights to line your front walkway. They match the façade like they were made for each other. As a result, you even know they'll make a stunning statement as they illuminate the night. But now how do you get them in the ground? If you're looking for the most professional-looking, discreet way to mount your line voltage path lights, then our composite in ground junction boxes are just the solution. Electrical junction boxes are convenient little containers that house all of your electrical connections in an aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking way. The handy boxes serve two major purposes: they keep your electrical connections out of sight, and they keep them safe. With our composite in ground junction boxes you won't have to worry about your carefully spliced connections being tampered with by meddling kids or destructive animal pests. And with our watertight junction boxes, you need not be concerned about the elements shorting out your landscape lights. Since they are made from injection-molded, fiber-reinforced polymer, these in ground junction boxes are guaranteed to stand up in even the roughest of conditions.

  • Composite (Ryton™ R-4) in-ground junction box with two ½" FPT bottom inlets and a gasketed cover with a ½" FPT