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Laguna Cedar Window Box with Optional Liner

Add rot-resistant natural wood planters to your landscape with the Laguna Cedar Window Boxes. Built from lovely Western red cedar, this planting container makes a great exterior accent for window frames, railings and fences. A cedar flower box looks warm and timeless, making it the perfect canvas for favorite container garden arrangements.

Plant with impatiens or begonia for displays shaded by an overhang, or make sunny arrangements of daisies and snapdragons along a deck railing.

A cedar window box has all the charm of real wood with superior durability. Known for its inherent strength, red cedar has a warm wood grain look and a natural resistance to rot and decay. For maximum longevity, many of our customers use plastic liner inserts to protect the wood from damaging moisture. Cedar flower boxes can also benefit from weatherproof paints, stains and sealants. However they're finished, natural wood window boxes add refreshing warmth to home exteriors. You, and your neighbors, will enjoy them for many seasons to come.

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24in. Laguna Cedar Window Box with Optional Liner
30in. Laguna Cedar Window Box with Optional Liner
36in. Laguna Cedar Window Box with Optional Liner
48in. Laguna Cedar Window Box with Optional Liner
60in. Laguna Cedar Window Box with Optional Liner
72in. Laguna Cedar Window Box with Optional Liner

Wood Window Boxes Come of Age with the Laguna Cedar Window Box

Wood window boxes have definitely grown to maturity with the beautiful Laguna Cedar Window Box with Optional Liner. Complete with rot resistant and insect resistant qualities, these rustic yet finely honed window box planters add an elegance to most any home's curb appeal. Comprised of fragrant eastern white cedar, these window planter boxes can adorn window frames, fences, even porch or patio railings. With a warm rubbed look and feel, wooden flower boxes become an ideal planter for container gardening as well. Load with luscious flowers or plant your favorite herbs for fresh cooking and garnishes right outside your kitchen window. These cedar window boxes for sale come in six different sizes but can also be custom crafted to fit any specific window or terrace.

Drainage holes come with each of these window flower boxes to avoid root rot. Plus, they come with cleat mounting systems to hang directly under your windows. They can be ordered with or without the liner, although liners are recommended to extend the life of your window boxes and further resist rotting. Common herbs can be easily grown in unfinished cedar window planters. Herbs and garden vegetable choices include Asian Greens, Basil, Bush Beans, Chervil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Garlic, Lettuce, Mint, Nasturtium, Onion, Oregano, Peas, Pole Beans, Radish, Round Carrots, Shallots, Runner Bean, Spinach, Strawberries, Thyme, and Globe Zucchini.

To Finish or Not to Finish

Many customers love to keep the natural look of the unfinished Laguna Cedar Window Box. One reason other individuals choose the natural wood is because it is an optimal environment for growing plants, especially edible plants. Still others just prefer the rustic look of unfinished wood, fragrant, warm, and inviting. Still, the case for painting your cedar window box, staining or otherwise sealing it with a polyurethane seal is to add a layer to weatherproof it, which extends the life of your planter. Regardless of how you might choose to finish your wooden window planter, or if you keep it natural and unfinished, it will look beautiful and warm for years to come.