UV Outdoor Rated 5' Laurel Cone Topiary with Natural Trunk

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  • Made from UV rated plastic for outdoor use
  • Has a wood trunk and weighted base instead of the planter pictured
  • 60 inches tall x 24 inch approximate width
  • Decorative pot NOT included
  • Ships with a weighted base so you can "plant" in your favorite container

    Popular Artificial Topiary Trees

    To say that evergreen topiary trees are becoming more popular in today's design culture would be a misstatement because, in fact, topiary décor has been a well-loved part of both indoor and outdoor décor for ages. Bay Laurel plants, like the one sold here, have been displayed as early as Roman times. With the ability to be shaped into any number of sizes and forms, lush evergreen foliage lends a refreshing natural feel to your entertaining space or façade. Our artificial topiary trees display all of that same classic elegance that live shrubs do. The only difference is that you will never have to trim or water them.

    Weatherproof Decorative Outdoor Trees

    The Bay Laurel is a Mediterranean tree that does not grow outdoors easily in colder climates. With this lovely fake Laurel topiary we give you the ability to add some topiary splendor to your outside space no matter where you are. Our faux Laurel trees are perfectly crafted into a cone shape that will never need any clipping to stay in top shape. These faux trees display realistic two-tone foliage to replicate real, growing leaves. To complete the authentic look, this laurel topiary has a natural wood trunk. All of our outdoor topiaries are made from a special Polyblend that is designed specifically for outdoor conditions. These decorative outdoor trees will keep their shape and color for many years in any condition.

    Fake Laurel Topiary Décor

    Laurel trees are an interesting alternative to classic boxwood shrubs because they have larger leaves that allow for greater texture and a more organic look. Ideal for Mediterranean or Spanish-style décor, these topiaries can work in virtually any outdoor space. Each topiary comes with a weighted base that is easy to install in your favorite outdoor planter pot. Use a pair of these tall topiaries to flank a doorway, greeting guests with elegant classic style.