Lens Clip for MR16 Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

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If you are using light fixtures that use MR16 lamps, you are undoubtedly enjoying the experience of lighting up the exterior or your home in a creative and effective way. If you want to experience to be even greater, you have the option of including colored lenses and taking your outdoor decor one step further. MR16 lighting accessories such as lens clips add a whole new element. Create color palettes on the outside of your home, in your yard or on your sidewalks. Incorporate these lights into your decor for Halloween and other holidays such as Christmas. Or just find a unique way to show off your favorite flowers or statue. The possibilities are almost endless. All of our accessories are crafted from high quality materials, such as ABS composite, brass, copper or stainless steel. All of your electrical equipment is UL listed. Everything comes with at least a limited guarantee. And the vast majority of our merchandise is low voltage. This means it only uses the electricity is needs to run. So, no more high bills because you turned on the lights in the side yard, or worrying if your overtaxing your house's electrical system. So, choose some accessories for your lights and see what you can create.