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Montrose Resin Low Bowl- 2 Sizes 3 Colors

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The Montrose Low Bowl Planters feature:

  • Manufactured from poly-resin, looks like textured stone, but is light weight
  • No drainage hole incorporated
  • Food-safe, 100% recyclable
  • Double wall construction, giving it a substantial look, but is easy on the back
  • Overall dimensions 24" diameter x 6.25"H, inside dimensions 22.25" x 4.53"H
  • Overall dimensions 31.75" diameter x 7.75"H, inside dimensions 29"x 6.69"H
  • Gallon capacity 4.25 and 10.25 respectively

The Montrose Low Bowl Planter features a tranquil silhouette, making them large outdoor planters that are ideal for gardens inspired by Eastern cultures. In addition to calming curvature, these round resin planters also have an impeccable material makeup that will never crack in cold temperatures or fade under persistent sunlight.

Constructed from an anti-shock polyethylene resin, these large outdoor planters are built for exterior applications but have refined enough features to grace interiors as well. Available in two sizes, the Montrose Low Bowl Planter is also offered in three finishes: bronze, pewter or black. A mildly speckled color profile gives these containers depth of character and makes them appear more like charmingly aged artistry. In fact, these round resin planters will look to most like heavier, much more expensive materials than their true lightweight, affordable nature. Please note: the Montrose Low Bowl Planter promotes water gardening and, therefore, has no drainage holes.