Mercer Mail Post

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Mercer Mail Post features:

  • All Weather polyethylene sleeve that slips over 4x4 customer provided wood post inserted into ground.
  • Includes decorative post sleeve and mail box support arm.
  • Medium mailbox recommended, less than 12 pounds.
  • Mailbox, wood post, address numbers, hardware for installing mail box NOT included
  • 9"x9"x58"H (check dimension image for further details)

The Mailbox Post with "Curb" Appeal

The Mercer mail post gives new meaning to the term "curb" appeal. Bringing to light the literal definition of the phrase, this attractive mailbox post brings decorative splendor right to the spot where you lawn meets the street. Sure to stand out from the rest of those boring 4 x 4 wooden posts that sit dully upon the curb, the Mercer mail post says a bold statement about you right from the get-go. Made from polyethylene, this mailbox post has the ability to mimic natural materials, including wood and stone, giving you an upscale custom look that is sure to catch eyes.

Top to Bottom Detail

Not a feature is overlooked when it comes to decorative facets on this stunning mailbox holder. From the base to the very top, the Mercer mail post is alive with beautifully molded details. The upright post has a fluted design while the arched cap is adorned with discreet dentil molding. Even the mailbox support arm has a gracefully carved curve to it. You can get this postbox holder in one of four fabulous colors: Black, White and Clay. The Black and White options offer the look of real carved wood while the Granite and Stone choices have all the chic appeal of actual stone. Since its style is so versatile the Mercer mail post can match any type of architecture and looks splendid against any planted backdrop.

Choose Plastic Mail Posts Over Wood

Not only are vinyl mail posts more attractive than their metal or wooden counterparts, but they are also made to last much longer. You won't find yourself replacing this vinyl holder after a few years. The sturdy mailbox arm can hold medium to large mailboxes up to 16 pounds. The whole ensemble is guaranteed to last for many years outdoors without warping, splitting, or fading. Ingrained UV-inhibitors also prevent fading and discoloration. Hardware pack, instructions, and 15-year limited manufacturer's warranty are included with each.