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Door knockers have been present in most every notable design period - from the ornate front door knockers of the Renaissance, to a contemporary brass door knocker fashioned after nautical shapes. To continue this grand tradition, we are proud to purvey brass and bronze door knockers online in more than fifty unique designs.

From bronze door knockers fashioned after favorite dog breeds, to a brass door knocker in the shape of a lighthouse, find door knockers here to suit particular regional or personal themes. On top of sculptured likenesses, symbolic front door knockers are also featured such as the Doctor's Door Knocker, Fleur De Lis, Four Leaf Clover and a Christian Cross brass door knocker.

Browse artistic door hardware in the category below at your convenience, and place your secure order online. Most orders ship within 2-3 business days. Click on specific door knockers for more information.

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  1. Victorian Urn Door Knocker
  2. Nantucket Basket Door Knocker
  3. Doctor's Door Knocker
  4. Fleur De Lis Door Knocker
  5. Bay Scallop Door Knocker
  6. Sea Scallop Door Knocker
  7. Sand Dollar Door Knocker
  8. Surf Clam Door Knocker
  9. Quahog Nautical Door Knocker
  10. Palm Tree Door Knocker
  11. Lighthouse Door Knocker
  12. Common Dolphin Door Knocker
  13. Catboat At Sunset Door Knocker
  14. American Oyster Door Knocker
  15. Blue Crab Door Knocker
  16. Maine Lobster Door Knocker
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Door knockers are anything but new to our entryways. In fact, front door knockers are known to have marked Medieval hatches and even earlier entrances. With iron and then brass door knocker designs dominating the earliest models, bronze door knockers later became en vogue and remain so today. Taking our cue from history, the door knockers featured online at Hooks & Lattice embody an ode to tradition with a nod to contemporary tastes.

Distinguish your doorway, with brass and bronze door knockers in more than fifty striking designs. Starting with an array of brass door knocker options, online shoppers will find pieces modeled after nautically themed shapes in addition to symbols like the Fleur De Lis and Christian Cross. Bronze door knockers are featured in the likeness of more than fifteen favorite dog breeds, including the Boxer, Beagle, Pomeranian and Dachsund. For dog lovers, front door knockers fashioned after furry friends are an outward expression of both family and fun!

Door knockers in nautical themes are ideal for coastal homes, lake cabins or the abode of a passionate sailor longing for the sea. Molded in the shape of anchors, lighthouses, sea creatures and shells, nautically inspired brass and bronze door knockers bring a piece of the waterfront to any entryway. On top of door knockers offered in either brass or bronze, some designs have an option to choose your material from tri-color, brass or bronze. By clicking on individual door knockers, detailed product information will appear with a drop-down menu for choosing color, where applicable.

Whether a polished brass door knocker suits your taste, or darker bronze door knockers catch your eye, each piece is a thoughtful design crafted from quality materials. Brass and bronze are both copper-based alloys and the yellow brass alloy used in these door knockers contains 70% copper to yield a classic, warm brass look. Red bronze is made up of nearly 85% copper, which accounts for the opulent, reddish undertone of the bronze alloy. Artistically mastered levels of sanding and buffing accomplish each door knocker's polished, mirrored finish and further accents grooves and raised areas.

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