Outdoor UV Rated 72" Areca Palm Tree

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Want to make your property look like a tropical paradise? With our outdoor artificial areca palms you don't have to live in a tropical location. These perky trees will survive any weather and look fresh and new for years to come because they are crafted from high-quality plastic and infused with UV-protectant weatherproofing. No worry of fading foliage or fallen fronds. And you don't need any gardening know-how to cultivate perfect palm specimens with these maintenance-free artificial outdoor trees. Come downpour or drought these large butterfly palms will always look like they are at the peak of perfection. There's no better way to bring some spirit-lifting botanical beauty to your landscape!

From the tips of the fronds to the base of the trunk, each artificial areca palm is crafted with the utmost attention to realism. Smaller new growth fronds feature a different design and color than mature fronds to give the appearance of new growth. Each tree is complete with a sturdy stake that allows for easy mounting both indoors and outdoors. We recommend "planting" these large trees in concrete when used out in a flowerbed, along a storefront, or along a walkway. They can then be covered with mulch and surrounded by your favorite variety of live or artificial seasonal plants and shrubs to create just the design you're going for.

6 Feet in height, and after arranged, is approximatley 30" in diameter.