UV Outdoor Rated 16" Boxwood Bush Pick

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Product Overview:

  • Made of UV rated plastic material for outdoor locations
  • 16 inches tall and a bare stem
  • Decorative planter shown sold separately
  • Fluffs out to about 10-11" wide

The boxwood bush is one of the most commonly used shrubberies for landscaping design because it provides full, lush foliage and can be sculpted into pleasing shapes with regular maintenance. This Artificial Boxwood Bush provides you the benefits of the beautiful look of a boxwood without any of the inconvenient trimming and watering. Measuring 16 inches in height (stem is 6" and foliage is roughly 10"), this artificial boxwood features lighter leaves toward the ends of its stems, recreating the natural patterns that occur when new growth springs to life. Resistant to the bleaching effects of the sun and the damage caused by the elements, the bush arrives un-potted but can be displayed in a variety of planters in any outdoor location.