Outdoor Bougainvillea Bundles for Hanging Baskets (DIY)

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DIY project-flowers come loose packed, ready to mount in CUSTOMER PROVIDED FOAM inside typically sized hanging baskets.

These are recommendations on how many bougainvillea can fit in hanging baskets.

The Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea Bundles are designed for use in hanging baskets and other outdoor decorating applications. These artificial bouquets come in a DIY format, allowing you to arrange them as you like in your hanging basket. Each stem measures 35 inches in length and 12-16 inches in width, providing a full and lush appearance. The exact number of artificial Bougainvillea bundles that can fit in a hanging basket will depend on the size of the basket and the desired look. As a general guideline, you can use 5 vines and 1 bush of Bougainvillea in a 18-inch hanging basket for a full and lush appearance. For a 22" basket 6 vines and 1 bush is recommended. The high-quality, UV rated materials used to create these artificial Bougainvillea bundles are resistant to fading, weather damage, and other forms of wear and tear, providing a long-lasting solution for your outdoor decorating needs.