Wild Outdoor Rated Cypress Bush

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Outdoor Rated Cypress Bush Details:

  • Made from hardy plastic foliage with UV protection for outdoor use
  • Ships with a bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • 24" Overall Height with 5" stem x 14"-16" diameter
  • 30" Overall Height with 6" stem x 18"-20" diameter
  • 36" Overall Height with 8" stem x 20"-22" diameter

Our Outdoor Artificial Bushes and Trees Are Maintenance-Free

Popular in both home and commercial landscapes, brushy cypress plants function as both convenient privacy screening and natural outdoor decor. Now you can enjoy this versatile evergreen without any of the maintenance worries with our incredibly realistic artificial cypress bushes. Available in three sizes, these attractive faux cypress plants can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your outdoor scenery. They are crafted from a high-quality plastic that has been infused with UV inhibitors that provide valuable weatherproofing and fade resistance in any outdoor location. And since these handsome evergreen bushes are artificial, you'll never have to worry about watering, pruning, or spraying.

Integrate Faux Shrubs Into Living Landscapes

Having trouble getting your landscape to look just right? From deer and insect pests to freezing temperatures and high winds, so many factors can affect the health and beauty of live bushes outdoors. So why not avoid the headache and replace your live bushes with a realistic artificial alternative? You can "plant" these lifelike cypress bushes in any outdoor location and you'll never have to worry about blistering sun drying them up, pouring rain drowning them, or hungry deer having them for a snack. With artificial greenery you get a flawless look that will last for many seasons. You can even combine these faux plants with live ones for a well-rounded look.

Create Privacy or Enhance Outdoor Spaces

With individual cypress sticks built on a sturdy stem, our artificial cypress plants look spectacular in your favorite planters, too. You can adjust the foliage to the density you prefer to meet your decorative needs. These faux shrubs make superb privacy screening for your patio or courtyard when you align multiple plants in a narrow, dense formation. And for an elegant focal point on your front porch or in your business foyer, place a pair of these fake bushes in decorative planters on either side of the entryway.