Outdoor Rated English Boxwood Topiary

$550.00 - $650.00
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Bring the loveliness of handcrafted topiaries to the exterior of your business or home with an Outdoor Rated English Boxwood Topiary in a weighted base. These artificial boxwoods are tightly displayed with flourishing greenery in vivid, varying shades. There are typically years of constant care that go into making these topiaries - however, our collection are faux and masterfully crafted for a long-lasting, maintenance-free display. Crafted with synthetic trunks replicated with realism and are available in a double ball or triple ball version. Furthermore, these Outdoor Rated English Boxwood Topiaries are available in two unique sizes - either 4 or 5 feet in height.  Boxwood ball diameters are 10" 12" and 15" on the triple, and 12" and 15" on the double.