Outdoor UV Rated Guzmania

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Outdoor UV Rated Guzmania Details:

  • Inherent UV protection for use in sunny locations
  • Striking colorful bloom surrounded by green leaves
  • Choose 2 sizes: 14" height x 12" wide, or 22" height x 19"wide
  • 14" has 9 green leaves, 22" has 12 green leaves

Add the Artificial Guzmania Bromeliad to a planter or other arrangement, and you'll instantly bring the warmth and beauty of a tropical garden to life. This exquisitely crafted artificial flower shows the lovely shine and gently arching shape of natural bromeliad foliage, while treating the eye to a large fuchsia blossom that will never wilt or die. The 14 or 22-inch plant is mounted on a sturdy stake to simplify planting, and it is constructed out of materials that resist UV and weather damage. We also offer the bromelaid in 4 exciting colors for mixing and matching in your outdoor landscaping design.