Prestige Tall Planter

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Vinyl planters featured in this category are made from high-grade polyethylene, a material that is impervious to both insects and water. Although it resembles painted wood in appearance, these tall planters are free from maintenance concerns that come along with wooden containers. They will not rot or warp when exposed to moisture, and no splitting or cracking in cold, even freezing, temperatures. On top of these planters’ tall and statuesque design, and their durability, they are also fitted with self-watering reservoirs for easy plant care. Choose your finish: white, black, or espresso.

Outside Dimensions:  16" x 16" x 28"H, 22" x 22" x 40"H
Inside Dimensions:  10.4" x 10.4" x24"H, 16.4" x 16.4" x 39.3"H
Capacity: 8 Gallon soil capacity, 6.5 Gallon water capacity; 13.2 Gallon Soil Capacity; 40 Gallon Soil Capacity