Presidential Tall Patio Planters - 4 Colors

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Planters are an ideal way to enjoy gardening, even if you don't have the space for an actual garden. These sleek and stylish options are fitting for small patios, porches, decks, and other areas where you don't have much space. Their tapered bottom not only creates a dramatic appearance, but it also offers roots a secure place to take hold and grow strong. A flared top adds to the effect, while also allowing larger flowers and greenery to grow to their full potential. The look is enhanced further by paneled sides, offering an elegant feel that works well with most any exterior décor or design.

Unlike conventionally produced planters, these are made using high quality polyethylene, which holds up well in most any weather conditions. It won't warp or rot like wood can, and you'll find that it won't fade even when placed in direct sun. Additionally, this planter can be customized with a sub irrigation system that delivers water directly to your roots and stems, allowing plants to thrive and grow healthier and stronger, even if you don't have time to water them every day. Great for those who travel!

Choose from an array of color options to perfectly enhance your décor.

More Information
Length 16"
Height 32"
Width 16"
Style Small Space, Classic
Material Vinyl
Shape Square
Color Black, Espresso, Grey, White
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