Promenade Square Planter

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Beautify outdoor spaces with the Promenade Collection of polyethylene planters. This is a square-shaped planter that will instantly add curb appeal. It'll look its best when flowers and plants are allowed to spill over its edges. All Promenade Square Planters are made of a double wall, quality-grade polyethylene material that is highly resistant to weather damage. Plus, planter boxes need virtually no upkeep so they're easy to use from season to season. Great for low-maintenance plant displays on a porch or patio table.

A built-in water reservoir was designed to keep moisture levels consistent. Each outdoor planting container comes with a 15-year limited warranty. Choose 2 sizes, 3 colors.

Outside Dimensions:  14" Square,  20" Square
Inside Dimensions:  10" x 10" x 10.5"; 15" x 15" x 13"
Capacity:  3 gallons soil, 4.6 gallons soil, 10.7 gallons soil, 8.75 gallons water