Powder-Coated Metal Garden Spheres

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Our Garden Spheres are created from metal and have been powder-coated textured black. The spheres actually fold up and can ship in a flat box, saving money on shipping! Metal garden spheres are ideal for adding texture and appeal to your garden, and make an interesting visual statement when placed together. Fast growing vines look amazing on the spheres, or stand them alone to add charm and height to a planter or a mundane area in your landscaping. The large and medium metal garden spheres have been created from 1 1/2" wide metal straps, and the smaller metal garden sphere has been fabricated using 1 1/8" wide metal straps. The large metal garden sphere is 23.5" in diameter, the medium metal garden sphere is 19.75"in diameter, and the small metal garden sphere is 15.75"in diameter. The metal Garden Spheres are sold separately.