Outdoor Rated Fountain Grass- 2 Colors

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Transform your outdoor space effortlessly with our Outdoor Rated Fountain Grass available in two captivating colors. Crafted from hardy plastic foliage and equipped with UV protection for enduring outdoor use, this artificial ornamental grass is the perfect solution for those seeking a low-maintenance yet stunning landscaping option.

Say goodbye to the endless hours spent on traditional garden upkeep and welcome the convenience of our outdoor artificial graceful grasses. Unveil the beauty of decorative plants that demand no watering, trimming, or fertilizing – a true landscaping dream come true. The 54"-60" tall fountain grasses boasts the exact allure of its natural counterpart but without the constant need for attention. With a durable wire core embedded in each blade, you can enjoy the perpetually fresh and just-planted appearance for years, freeing up your time for more enjoyable outdoor activities.

The visual appeal of our artificial fountain grass is unparalleled, featuring varying lengths of slender blades reaching towards the sky. This meticulous design provides an unbelievably authentic look, complete with touchable texture and a range of green and yellow hues or purple foliage that mimic the vibrant colors of real tall grasses. Even upon close inspection, visitors will be hard-pressed to distinguish it from the genuine article. Whether "planted" directly in the ground beside your mailbox, along driveways or walkways, or in garden beds as a vertical focal point, this fountain grass elevates your outdoor aesthetics effortlessly.

For an even more lifelike display, consider pairing our artificial landscaping grass with live seasonal flowers, grasses, and shrubs. The result is a harmonious blend of nature that requires minimal effort on your part. The artificial grass is an excellent companion for various outdoor settings, adding a touch of greenery to patios, atriums, or any designated outdoor area. Place them in your favorite planters to create an attractive statement piece.

Rest assured that our green outdoor artificial grass plants are crafted with UV-protectant weatherproofing, ensuring they remain vibrant and intact regardless of outdoor conditions. Fear not the fading or deterioration that often plagues lesser-quality alternatives. The 54" height Purple Fountain Grass, with its bare stem and approximately 24" width when fluffed, provides a unique and elegant touch. Likewise, the 60" height Green Fountain Grass offers a stunning appearance with its bare stem and approximately 24" width when fluffed.

Versatile and eye-catching, these outdoor artificial grass plants also serve as effective low- to medium-density space dividers in offices, restaurants, or hotels. Moreover, they can be utilized to create a modern decorative focal point in lobbies, foyers, or reception spaces. For a diverse and visually striking look, consider pairing our Green Fountain Grass with the Purple Fountain Grass.

Elevate your outdoor aesthetics with ease – embrace the beauty of our Outdoor Rated Fountain Grass, where artificial meets authentic, and landscaping becomes a hassle-free delight.