Quick Ship Strato Square Fiberstone Planter: 2-3 WEEKS

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Add the captivating Strato Planter to you landscape plans, a true embodiment of modern sophistication. Its unique construction features distinct horizontal layers, unveiling an exquisite texture adorned with delicately etched lines. These weathered ridges gracefully span from the base to the very top edge, creating an alluring blend of ancient allure and contemporary aesthetics. Originally designed for commercial use, this stone planter is now available for residential customers, seamlessly integrating into modern design themes.

Choose from a variety of colors, and enjoy the convenience of our 2-3 day quickship option. Our curated selection of "In Stock" sizes and colors includes the 18" square and 24" square, catering to your specific preferences. Crafted from lightweight and durable fiberstone, this planter offers the best of both worlds. It emulates the appearance of stone while being remarkably easy to handle and transport. Whether for indoor or outdoor applications, the Strato Planter is a versatile choice. It effortlessly complements any setting, adding a touch of elegance to your living space.

To ensure proper plant care, each planter comes with drainage holes already incorporated into the design, allowing for proper water flow and preventing overwatering.