Rail Mounting Kit With Hayrack Brackets

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Hayrack Trough Deck Bracket features:

  • Manufactured in steel, and powder-coated black, stainless steel hardware
  • Holds standard Hayrack Trough flower boxes
  • Rails fit round, square, aluminum, wood, PVC, wrought iron, and composite balusters, uprights, or spindles.
  • Balusters must be no further apart than 5", and are between 1/2-1 1/2" thick
  • Bracket Guideline: 1 pair of brackets for flower boxes up to 36" length, 2 pairs for window boxes 42"-72" in length. Ensure brackets are evenly spaced, with no more than a 24" gap between brackets
  • 20" Rail for window boxes 24"-36" Length, 36" Rail for window boxes 42"-60" window boxes. 72" Length window boxes require (2) 36" rails.

Liven up your deck rails with pretty hayrack troughs and flower boxes! Have an odd shaped top rail on an iron or wood fence or balcony that you have always wanted to mount a pretty flower box to, but could never find the right brackets? Look no more! These hayrack brackets use an ingenious rail system that is easy to install, and the brackets simply click on safe and secure. Start off by installing the rail bracket system, which "snugs" or "tightens" on the balusters or uprights using an allen wrench. No damage to your wrought iron fence occurs, and they can be easily removed when moving or if you want to put the boxes away for winter. Place these rails anywhere you like along your metal fence. Once the rails are installed, simply click the pair of hayrack brackets to the rail system and add your window box! It really is that easy!