Balconera Textured Railing Planter

$60.00 - $141.00
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Balconera Textured Planter Box Details:

  • Choose from 2 lengths, and 3 stone colors
  • Can be mounted on round or odd shaped rails
  • Removable liner/reservoir included
  • 19.7"L x 7.5" x 7.5", holds 1 gallon water
  • 31.1"L x 7.5" x 7.5", holds 1.3 gallons of water
  • Brackets or extensions are optional

Beautiful plastic window boxes? How can that be? We have curated the best light weight window boxes in the marketplace and feel these are worth a look. These have a textured stone look for charm and interest, and come in a soft stone gray, versatile sandy beige, or modernistic graphite black. Your plants will love the German designed planter liner that fits perfectly inside the window box and comes with retractable handles for easy removal and re-placement. The planter liner allows for water to be reserved for your plants inside the window box, and as the soil dries out, the plants and just naturally wick up the necessary water. A easy to remove drain plug is designed along the bottom of the planter in case of heavy rains, and excess water needs to be drained. Your plants will thrive, and the window boxes will add curb appeal to your home or on your deck. Be sure and purchase the engineered brackets that can work on most rails, no matter the size, or can be transformed into wall brackets as well.