Simple Elegance Window Box

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Simple Elegance Window Box with Optional Liners Details:

  • Choose from galvanized liners or real copper
  • Powder-coated to ensure rust resistance
  • Handmade from solid steel bar
  • Back of window box engineered for easy and safe installation
  • Length + 1" x 9"W x 9"H to accommodate standard liners

Our Simple Elegance Window Box Cage may be humble in design, but its confident, purposeful build will bring chic lines to any railing, garden or window frame. The Simple Elegance Cages with Liners feature a rust-resistant window box cage made from wrought iron and accompanied by a choice of liners. Simple Elegance Window Box Cages with Liners come standard with a white Cellular PVC Liner, or a choice of galvanized metal and real copper liners for added cost.