Southwestern Shapes Ceramic Sconce

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Bring a little bit of a desert oasis into your home with these beautifully done sconce lights by FABBY Lighting. They boast a unique design that creates a stunning effect when placed in any room of your home. Sconce lights are ideally suited for virtually all locations, since they can be mounted directly to the wall. This allows them to provide light where it's needed, without taking up needed wall, desk, or table space below. They'll also add a dramatic appeal when placed along staircases, halls, or anywhere you wish.

The beauty of these lights lies in their unique construction. Molded by hand from earthen clay, they're dried in the air, cutouts are added, and then they're kiln dried for a flawless finish. Ceramic offers a striking bisque white finish that easily coordinates with just about any décor, but your own customized colors can also be added with any water based paint you choose.

These lights are also UL rated for use in damp locations, allowing them to hold up in covered outdoor areas, or in bathrooms when used indoors.

  • 9"L x 5"W x 13"H
  • Medium Base Incandescent Socket