Stainless Steel Exterior Shutter Strap Hinge- Pair

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Product Overview:

  • Decorative and operable.
  • Forged 304 stainless steel with black matte powder coat finish
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Approx. 10” Length and 1.75” Width.

Designed for operable exterior shutters these Stainless Steel Exterior Shutter 10" or 12" Strap Hinges will show from the street when the shutters are in the open position.  Stainless Steel Exterior Shutter 10" Strap Hinges are sold as a pair (Left & Right) with a black matte powder coated finish and are forged using 304 series stainless steel. Stainless steel exterior shutter strap hinges can also be used as a faux hinge to give the appearance that the shutter is hinged.  This is a great solution for anyone that wants a maintenance free shutter hardware installation.  The offset required is determined by the distance between the brackets mounting surface on the window to hinged side of the shutters. For example a stone siding on a house might require the shutter to be further away from the house when in the open position thus requiring a a larger offset then a stucco siding. 

Must order Plate Pintel or Lag Pintel separately.