Three Tier with Large Hat Line Voltage Bollard - Large 14 Colors Available

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Both commercial builders and homeowners alike can use these fashionable bollards to serve as a physical barrier just as they add to the aesthetic appeal of the landscape. Bollards traditionally serve as a clear visual barrier to direct both vehicular and foot traffic, letting people know the otherwise unmarked boundaries of the landscape. With the addition of lighting, our large line voltage bollards are useful both day and night, guiding travelers and keeping them safe even after the sun has set. You can use these large decorative bollards to separate pedestrian walkways, crosswalks, and sidewalks from motorist courses. They are ideal for guarding flowerbeds and other landscape features from unwanted trampling, protecting delicate flowers, shrubberies, fountains, and statuary. Lighted bollards are also helpful in parking lots and commercial storefronts, ensuring that motorists don't intrude in unwanted areas. These bollard lights feature a three tier design with a large top hat for extra decorative interest. You can choose from 14 polyester powder coat finishes to meet your design needs. These finish colors are designed to blend perfectly with your existing architecture and landscape. Install your aluminum bollard lights using the direct burial post, which extends 12" for in ground or concrete mounting.

  • Made in USA 3" diameter heavy gauge extruded aluminum
  • A19 75W Max socket
  • 43" Overall length 12" for in ground or concrete burial