UV Outdoor Rated 15" Ruscus Bush

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Include our UV Rated Artificial Ruscus Bush to your outdoor landscaping plans- it will add a versatile and lifelike addition that combines beauty and durability. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Ruscus Bush offers a touch of nature without the maintenance.

Key Features:

1. UV Rated for Durability: Constructed from UV-rated plastics, our Ruscus Bush is designed to withstand the sun's harsh rays. Say goodbye to fading and hello to lasting beauty, regardless of the weather conditions.

2. Realistic Variegated Green Colors: The variegated green hues and textured leaves of this artificial Ruscus Bush are incredibly lifelike, adding a touch of nature's elegance to your outdoor spaces.

3. Convenient Dimensions: Standing at 15" in height, including a sturdy 4" stem, and expanding to approximately 12" in diameter after "fluffing," this Ruscus Bush offers a well-proportioned and versatile size for various landscaping and decorating projects.

4. Multipurpose Design: Whether you're looking to add texture and interest to borders, garden beds, window boxes, or hanging baskets, our Ruscus Bush is the perfect choice. Its adaptable design complements a wide range of outdoor settings.


  • Border Beauty: Create stunning garden borders with the Ruscus Bush, providing a rich, textured backdrop to your favorite plants.

  • Window Box Elegance: Enhance the curb appeal of your home with this lifelike bush, spilling over the edges of your window boxes for an inviting touch.

  • Hanging Basket Accent: Add a burst of greenery and realism to your hanging baskets, making your outdoor space more inviting and lively.

  • Garden Bed Finesse: Use the Ruscus Bush to fill gaps and elevate the overall aesthetics of your garden beds.

Elevate your outdoor decor effortlessly with our UV Rated Artificial Ruscus Bush. Its UV resistance, lifelike design, and adaptability make it an ideal choice for adding texture and interest to various outdoor spaces. Say goodbye to the hassle of maintenance and hello to everlasting charm. Order yours today and transform your outdoor areas with ease!