UV Outdoor Rated 24" Rhododendron

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Enhance your outdoor space effortlessly with our UV Rated 24" Rhododendron. This UV-protected flower-less Rhododendron bush stands tall at 24", with the flexibility to spread to a width of 22"-25". Its variegated semi-glossy green leaves, featuring smooth curved edges and irregular shapes, offer a lifelike appearance with the distinctive burgundy or brown edging.

Key Features:

1. Lifelike Variegation: The Rhododendron's leaves mimic the rich hues of nature, with a semi-glossy variegated green and varying degrees of burgundy or brown edging for authenticity.

2. Heavy-Duty Wiring: Crafted with a robust wiring structure, this artificial Rhododendron can be easily shaped to fit your design vision, allowing for versatile arrangements.

3. UV Protection for Longevity: With UV protection, this Rhododendron is engineered to withstand sunlight exposure without fading, ensuring enduring beauty.

4. Substantial Dimensions: Standing at 24" in height and including a 6" stem for easy installation, this artificial plant efficiently fills empty spaces in your outdoor decor.


  • Garden Enhancement: Use the Rhododendron to infuse realism and charm into your garden, creating an inviting atmosphere.

  • Decorative Versatility: Place it in pots or containers to elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor decor with ease.

  • Event and Celebration Decor: Elevate special occasions with this realistic Rhododendron, enhancing the backdrop for photos and celebrations.

Experience the allure of nature without the maintenance. The UV Rated 24" Rhododendron is your perfect choice for adding natural charm and character to your outdoor spaces. Transform your surroundings effortlessly—order yours today!