UV Outdoor Rated Duraleaf 10"x10" Plush Boxwood Mat

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Transform your rooftop into the city's most coveted oasis with our UV Outdoor Rated Duraleaf 10"x10" Plush Boxwood Mats. Discover the lushness of these faux boxwood hedge panels that effortlessly elevate your space.

Key Features:

Lush Elegance: Introducing Duraleaf Plush Boxwood Mats, our thickest rendition of faux boxwood hedge material. These mats exude a lush appearance that will enhance your space with timeless beauty.

Simplified Design: The generous 10" square size of these panels makes designing green walls a breeze. Calculate the square footage of your wall and effortlessly select the number of panels needed for full coverage.

Maintenance-Free Marvel: These walls may look like the real thing, but they spare you the laborious maintenance. With UV resistance and durability against various weather conditions, they'll grace your space with years of effortless beauty.

Versatile Decor: Ideal for offices, public settings, and a striking addition to your home decor, these panels effortlessly infuse sophistication and style into any environment.

Bulk Savings: Explore our bulk pricing options, where the more you buy, the more you save. Achieve your design goals without breaking the budget.

Create an outdoor oasis that always looks its best with our UV Outdoor Rated Duraleaf 10"x10" Plush Boxwood Mats. Redefine your space with the elegance of faux boxwood hedges – maintenance-free and budget-friendly.