Venetian Window Box

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Venetian Decora Details:

  • Made from steel bars and powder-coated
  • Choose from vinyl, galvanized, or real copper liners
  • Back of window box engineered for easy and safe installation
  • The top width tapers down from 8.5" to 6" at the bottom
  • Dimensions with scrolls: Length + 5" x 10.5" Width

Please note: Our vinyl liners are available in 24, 30" and 36" lengths only. Longer window planters will ship with a combination of smaller liners:

  • 24-36" lengths ship with one liner
  • 48" lengths ship with (2) 24" liners
  • 60" lengths ship with (2) 30" liners
  • 72" lengths ship with (2) 36" liners

Our Venetian Window Boxes with varied liner inserts are a stunning curb appeal addition to your home. Each Venetian Window Box has pre-drilled integrated mounting bars for fast, easy mounting onto a range of surfaces. The vinyl liners have removable drainage plugs. Or, instead of wrought iron planter boxes with plastic liners, try our Venetian Window Box with your favorite galvanized or copper liner.