Galvanized Window Boxes- Black Metal

Galvanized Window Boxes- Black Metal

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Galvanized Window Boxes- Black Metal

Starting at $38.00
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Ships In
2-3 Business Days

Lead time on 30" and 36" currently at 3-4 weeks

Take container gardening to modern heights with our Galvanized Black Planter Boxes. The design is deliberate in its effortlessness to give windows, outdoor walls and railings an instant refresh. Plus, black window boxes are equipped for many a season of rust resistant outdoor use. It's a triumph of both utility and style.

Multi-Purpose Metal Window Boxes, Multiple Curb Appeal Opportunities

At first glance, each galvanized metal planter box is notable for its dimensional, tapered silhouette, polished black finish and elegantly rolled top rim. All qualities that make it an ideal addition to front windows, patio walls, gazebos or front porch railings.

Above and beyond all that, black window boxes are also designed to fit within the Hooks and Lattice Decora Flower Cages. As metal liners, these containers bring the same sleekness and functionality to container garden displays. And drainage holes come already drilled so planters are ready to arrange on arrival at your doorstep.

Pick your Placement

Now you know galvanized metal planter boxes can act as liners or stand alone, but what about location and installation? The answer here is simple - black flower boxes can go essentially anywhere a bracket can.

For standalone installations there's just one rule of thumb - choose a bracket that's sturdy enough to support the whole weight of the box, and make sure it matches the planter's greater width. In the case of black window boxes, brackets should measure at least 8" wide. Need some advice on what to choose? We like this sturdy wall bracket style for any outdoor application.

A note on installation: For a standalone galvanized metal window box, direct mounting to the wall is not recommended. A bracket to support the full weight of the container will yield best results.

For use as window box liners, black planter boxes simply slide in and out of your Decora Flower Cage. Great for easy potting, surface cleaning, winterizing or storage, as needed.

Get ravishing results in the garden with sleek, black window boxes. A galvanized metal planter box is not only attractive but highly durable. And this style can be displayed on its own or used as a liner for our Decora Metal Window Boxes. Multi-purpose functionality for more exciting container planting opportunities.

Black planter boxes feature:

  • A rust resistant, matte black powder coat
  • Modern silhouette with a top-to-bottom taper
  • Direct potting ability; no liner required
  • Ready drainage via pre-drilled holes

Each galvanized metal planter box is well suited to window, wall or railing applications. For installation on its own, a shelf bracket to match the largest width measurement is advisable. Used in conjunction with a wrought iron cage, black window boxes simply slip in and out of the frame.

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More Information
Height 7.5"
Width 8"
Style Tapered
Material Galvanized
Color Black
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