Fiberglass Window Boxes

Fiberglass Window Boxes

For a low-maintenance window box solution, choose a Fiberglass Window Box. Fiberglass is a strong, lightweight mix of plastic resin and glass fibers - the same thing used to make surfboards, helmets, and even boats. Fiberglass will not rot or mold and resists warping and cracking. Count on years of enjoyment from these flower boxes. Nearly all of the window box planters listed below are offered with a self-watering option. Water reservoir inserts prevent under AND overwatering plants, and can feed plants for weeks at a time without needing to be refilled.

Each fiberglass window box includes wall-mounting brackets. You may wish to purchase decorative flower box brackets as well for additional architectural detail. These flower boxes are also compatible with our deck and railing brackets.

All Hooks and Lattice fiberglass flower boxes come in standard sizes from 24" to 72" long, and some fiberglass window boxes can be custom sized to fit your specific needs. There are many colors to choose from, including white, green, black, buff, and more.

If you have a window box question or need a custom size fiberglass window box please call us for a quote.

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  1. Black Laguna Fiberglass Window Boxes
  2. Copper ArmoreCoat La Fleur Window Box
  3. Modern White Fiberglass Window Box - 7 Sizes
  4. Modern Black Fiberglass Window Box - 7 Sizes
  5. Modern Bronze Fiberglass Window Box
  6. Bronze Laguna Fiberglass Window Boxes
  7. Distressed Laguna Fiberglass Window Boxes
  8. White Laguna Fiberglass Window Boxes
  9. Modern Farmhouse Window Boxes - Reclaimed Cherry
  10. XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Boxes
  11. ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Window Box
  12. La Fleur Fiberglass Window Boxes
  13. Black Supreme Fiberglass Flower Window Boxes
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Lightweight Fiberglass Flower Boxes

When shopping for Fiberglass Flower Boxes, large window planters, railing planter boxes, or a self-watering planter, our window box collection offers more than a dozen options, large and small, with numerous styles and designs to choose from. From the classic styling of the Laguna Fiberglass Window Box and it's Extra Large Laguna window planters counterpart to the Modern Farmhouse design and the Supreme fiberglass window boxes, we are confident you will find the right style perfect for your home's exterior decor.

Exceptional Qualities of a Fiberglass Planter

Flexible and strong, a fiberglass window flower box provides untold beauty with life-long durability. Fiberglass is a tough yet lightweight combination of glass fibers and plastic resins designed for endurance requiring little to no maintenance. Fiberglass planters resist cracking, chipping, warping, rotting and molding, ensuring decades of use. And because the manufacturing process of fiberglass planters includes certain flexible properties, we are able to mimic more expensive and heavier materials such as wood or terra cotta at a fraction of the weight. What's more, due to our custom capabilities, we can match color or texture to your exterior decor, well beyond the standard surfaces and textures we have available.

Fiberglass Planters: Sizes and Fixtures You Can Count On

All of our fiberglass window planter boxes come with wall mount brackets for instant installation to any flat surface. Also available are decorative planter box brackets for separate purchase should you wish added attractive hardware features. Plus, we carry special deck railing brackets for additional purchase to dress up your deck or fence railings.

The size range for our fiberglass flower boxes begins at 24" and ranges up to 72", to our XL Laguna style window box. Should you have overlarge windows, we can custom manufacture most styles to meet your needs. Standard color choices include green, black, white, buff, slate gray, wood grain, terra cotta and many others. What's more, we can custom match colors to your home's exterior.

For additional information on customization options, please contact our design experts to discuss your next project.