Zuma Cedar Window Box w/ Cleat

$45.00 - $106.00
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Zuma Cedar Window Box w/ CleatDetails:

  • Made in USA of rot and pest resistant cedar, perfect for a window box
  • Simple cleat installation included, makes box easy to maintain too
  • Natural finish or optional white stain
  • 9" width (front to back) x 6" height by chosen length

The distinctive tapered design of these window boxes cedar window boxes are also very reasonably priced. Notice the same high quality and the lovely tapered lines. This box is sure to be a classic. All our planters are constructed so that you can plant directly into them. Northern white cedar is on of nature's small miracles. It's rot resistant. Comes with an easy to install wood mounting bracket- window box simply slip on top of cleat after you have mounted to your wall.   When maintaining the window box, you simply lift off the planter box from the cleat, plant, and place back on cleat, we call that easy peezy at Hooks and Lattice.