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Artificial Green Walls - Outdoor

Outdoor artificial green walls have all the beauty and benefits of their live cousins without ongoing work or worries after installation, and can be installed anywhere. With a choice of sizes or built to custom dimensions, they are perfect to screen unattractive features such as air conditioners or accent walls that might otherwise appear bland, boring or unattractive. They add grace to condo and apartment complexes, offices, stores, commercial buildings, schools, arts venues or any other public space.

Our outdoor choices include artificial ivy walls and fake boxwood walls. Boxwood is slow growing, so our realistic fake boxwood walls are filled in and look like they've been growing for years.

Outdoor products feature UV resistance to maintain their vivid green. Superior UV resistance is impregnated into the product material when it's being made, rather than sprayed on after manufacture, to ensure many years of projection and beauty. Outdoor artificial green walls with post-manufacture UV protection sprayed on will fade or turn brown in a relatively short time. Remember that our faux plants showed NO visible color loss after a year of UV exposure equivalent to Miami, Florida.

Artificial green walls enhance LEED ratings because they eliminate water and energy use.

Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Living Wall
Outdoor Artificial Ivy Living Wall
 Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Frame
Outdoor Artificial Living Wall Rolls

Designers, architects and owners often assume adding green walls will be expensive, increase the likelihood of water damage and require extensive maintenance. All of those may be true, making artificial green walls a great alternative.

Two favorites for artificial green walls include artificial ivy walls and fake boxwood walls.

Vines create a great look and outdoor ivy walls are an enduring favorite, but ivy can be invasive and damage building surfaces. Artificial ivy walls also ensure your vines grow only where you want it them, rather than covering windows or other features that require frequent trimming.

Outdoor fake boxwood walls instantly provide this desirable, but slow-growing plant in mats. Boxwood makes a wonderful screen for anything from air conditioners or utility boxes to separate outdoor living spaces for condos, apartments and townhomes, or in any commercial or public setting. Our outdoor fake boxwood walls also look great enclosing specific places, like restaurant seating areas.

We use only top grade, realistic plants for our artificial green walls, attaching them to the frame with matching green twist ties and steel "hog-rings". Artificial ivy and outdoor fake boxwood walls come in standard sizes, or we will craft walls to your custom dimensions. Besides looking amazingly real, our outdoor artificial walls have top UV resistance impregnated when each branch and leaf is manufactured, rather than short-lived sprayed-on post manufacture UV coatings that last only a short time outdoors before fading, browning or rinsing off from sprinlers and rain.

Many people are surprised to learn that artificial green walls can be a plus in LEED rating, but they actually add to sustainability by decreasing water and energy use (and costs) without giving up rich green accents that please and calm people. Add these "building appeal" magnets to your design portfolio.