UV Outdoor Rated 25" Sharp Leaf Agave Plant

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People have been using agave for food, fiber and many other things for over 10,000 years. It's funny how an ancient plant can complement modern décor so well! Modernize your planters and window boxes with 25" Sharp Leaf Outdoor UV Rated Agave Plant. Each plant is 25"in size and has long, wide leaves. Adding drought tolerant plants to your landscape achieves a fresh, modern look that's popular with landscape designers. Our artificial agave plants require no maintenance, making this an easy decision for business owners and homeowners alike. Simply order online and we'll deliver this plant right to your front door. After arrival, place this fake succulent plant in your favorite container. This plant measures 25" in height and spreads out approixmately 18" in width.   Sharp Leaf Agave Plant has 18 leaves and 1 bud.  Comes with a bare stem for easy planting.