UV Outdoor Rated 36" Yucca Plant

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If you have ever wanted to have a yucca plant in your front or backyard, then the 36" Yucca Outdoor UV Rated Plant from Hooks and Lattice is just what you have been looking for. The large dark foliage of this realistic yucca plant is made from high quality material to ensure its durability. Yucca plants are native to the deserts of North America and require a lot of sun and just the right soil. This makes it difficult to grow yucca plants where it is cooler or even snows. The UV Rated yucca plant is the best alternative to attempting to grow a real yucca plant outside in any part of the US. The height of 36 inches makes our faux yucca plant a great plant for pots and planters too. 36" in height, and spreads approximately 30".