Outdoor UV Rated 26" Black Coral Yucca

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  • Outdoor rated artificial plant made of UV rated polyblend plastic
  • Ships with a bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • Stands approximately 26" Height, 18" width

Bring the on-trend look of a succulent garden to life anywhere with the Outdoor Rated 26in Yucca Plant. Succulent gardens are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional landscaping designs, and with these fake cactus plants, it's possible to create one that can thrive outdoors in even cold climates. The leaves feature exquisite coloration with a perfect mix of green tones to make this faux succulent as naturalistic as possible. The length and placement of the leaves adds to the effect, and you can count on the beauty of the plant to last, as it is UV resistant and features a strong metal core.