French Shelf Bracket

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Although they are made to coordinate with the matching iron window boxes, many find that they work well with a wide range of our quality planters. Put them in place to hold boxes securely in place, keeping plants safe and steady while securing planters to your home. They're ideally used outside your house along windowsills, but they may be mounted in other locations as well where there is a flat surface for installation.

Each bracket is fashioned from durable metal materials and then powder coated for added weather resistance. They are made to resist rust and corrosion, even in areas with inclement weather. Additionally, they'll avoid fading when placed in locations with high or direct sun, so your plants can be placed anywhere you feel would most benefit their growth.

  • Come as a pair
  • Installation bolts are not included
  • Use 1 pair of brackets for 48" window box length or less
  • Use 2 pairs of brackets for 54" window box length - 72" length
  • Place brackets evenly under window boxes, with no more than 24" between brackets for quality support
  • Dimensions: 8 1/4" w x 8 1/4" L, 11 1/4" w x 11 1/4" L

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