Scroll Shelf Bracket

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Scroll Shelf Bracket Details:

  • Constructed from sturdy steel and powder-coated for longevity
  • Use 1 pair of brackets for 48" window box length or less
  • Use 2 pairs of brackets for 54" window box length - 72" length
  • Place brackets evenly under window boxes, with no more than 24" between brackets for quality support
  • Installation bolts not included

The scroll design expresses an elegant ambiance while also adding extra support for window boxes so your plants stay safe and secure. Each of these brackets is made from durable wrought iron. That means you can rest assured your window boxes will remain firmly in place for years to come, even when supporting heavier edibles and vining plants. What's more, the metal shelf bracket is not only stable; it is also made to withstand harsh elements without losing its attractive appearance. The black finish is powder coated to prevent rusting, fading, or peeling, particularly beneficial in areas with heavy rains or a penetrating summer sun. Use two brackets for most window boxes, and 2 pairs to accommodate overlarge window boxes 54"-72" in length.