Outdoor UV Rated 26" Onion Grass Bush

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  • Made from UV rated plastic for outdoor use
  • 26 inches tall x 23 inch approximate width
  • Ships with 7.5" bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • Choose from grayish green and burgundy 

Choose the best outdoor artificial unpotted grass for your landscaping project--the Outdoor 26in. Onion Grass Bush! This faux grass bush is perfect for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of living or artificial plantscapes because of the eye-catching color of its foliage. Whether you choose the burgundy or grey version of the outdoor artificial unpotted grass, you'll bring a splash of color to any environment once this stem is in place. For even more visual impact, purchase multiple stems to arrange in a large cluster or to stagger with other plants. The faux plant is sun resistant, so the colors remain true without fading for years.