UV Outdoor Rated Flowering Grass Bush

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UV Outdoor Rated Flowering Grass Bush Details:

  • Made from UV rated outdoor polyblend plastic
  • 18 inches tall x 24 inch approximate width
  • Bahia grass bush has green/grey color and a 4 inch bare stem

Enjoy the beautiful sight of flowering grass in every season with the Outdoor 18in. Flowering Grass Bush. Like all of our high quality fake plants and bushes, this grass bush is a naturalistic depiction of living grass that no one will suspect is artificial until they touch it. The long, spindly blades of grass are forever frozen in a state of blossoming with delicate flowers on select tips to add texture and interest to the bush. These stems look exceptionally beautiful when mixed in with other high quality fake plants and bushes to create the illusion of new growth springing up inside of a planter or pot.