Artificial Bougainvillea Vines for Outdoor Use

Artificial Bougainvillea Vines - UV Protected for Outdoor Use

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Artificial Bougainvillea Vines for Outdoor Use

Starting at $47.85
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2-3 Business Days
  • Made from UV rated plastic foliage perfect for outdoor use
  • 9.5ft long x 10 inch approximate width
  • 259 green leaves and 27 flowers
  • Bougainvillea vines, originally a South American tropical, are popular outdoor vines among both residential and commercial gardeners. Although known to thrive in the spring and summer seasons, Bougainvillea vines can be a fussy breed: needing at least five hours of full sun to flower, constant soil moisture without standing water and well-measured frequent fertilization.

    Fussiness aside, the beauty of Bougainvillea vines, especially in bloom, is stunning. To capture this brilliance without the hassle, Artificial Plants Unlimited is proud to bring you this collection of dramatic, 9.5- foot long artificial vines.

    Highly requested products, artificial Bougainvillea vines in this collection are crafted from a quality, industrial grade polyethylene blend material. With added ingredients to resist UV degradation, these long artificial vines can retain their color for years. Also usable indoors, our outdoor artificial vines have a Class "A" Fire Rating and are often found in applications as commercial artificial vines like in malls, hotels, casinos, water parks and other public centers.

    Artificial Bougainvillea vines are equally stunning in home applications including window boxes, wall boxes and hanging planters, also available from Artificial Plants Unlimited. Many customers use our artificial Bougainvillea vines - available in rich fuchsia or red, delicate cream, flowerless green vine or cleverly interwoven combinations - in baskets and planters during live Bougainvillea's off-season. Or, for the sake of all-season convenience, artificial outdoor vines are increasingly used year-round.

    Long artificial vines are the perfect solution for hard-to-reach spots. Our generous 9.5- foot artificial Bougainvillea vines complement a wide array of plants and colors. In a high hanging basket, like in a room with a cathedral ceiling, you'll love the full length. When you need a shorter length, these long artificial vines can be cut, or browse our website for the more compact 36-inch artificial Bougainvillea vines.

    Outdoor artificial vines can be artfully and easily twined up focal arches or trellises for weddings. Or, bring artificial Bougainvillea vines indoors to create lovely table runners or doorway accents. Each of the outdoor vines in this collection is made from a unique polythene blend with a special UV formulation that is impregnated into the resin prior to injection molding: a far superior form of UV protection that will not wash nor wear off over time.

    Bougainvillea vines thrive in spring and summer, but these popular outdoor vines can be fussy when it comes to soil moisture, watering and fertilization. For this reason, Artificial Plants Unlimited is proud to bring you all the lovely, dramatic appearance of Bougainvillea Vines, minus the hassle, with this collection of 9.5- foot long artificial vines.

    Many gardeners use outdoor artificial vines when live Bougainvillea vines are off-season, but year-round use of faux outdoor vines is common as well. Though Bougainvillea vines cascading from a window box or hanging planter is a favorite, our generous 9.5- foot garlands have many uses beyond planters. Outdoor artificial vines can be artfully twined up arches and trellises, or use artificial Bougainvillea vines to create lovely table runners inside.

    Each of our long artificial vines is made from a resilient polythene blend that resists fading, even in direct sunlight. Bougainvillea vines are available with fuchsia, pink, lavender, red and cream flowers or in a plain green vine.

    For consultation on outdoor artificial vines,
    please contact Artificial Plants Unlimited directly at
    888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.

    More Information
    Height 9.5'
    Width 10"
    Type Vines
    Material Plastic
    Species Bougainvillea
    Color Cream, Fuchsia, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red, White
    Flower Color Cream, Fuchsia, Green, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red, White
    In Planter No
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