4/pk. Window Box Mounting Bolts 1/4in. Dia x 2in. Long w/ Lag Shields (Brick/Masonry)

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As springtime approaches and the wintertime blues go away, homeowners begin to get a certain home improvement itch. The need to redecorate, upgrade, and beautify calls to you like the singing for the songbirds. And while the sun is shining it's the perfect time to get out there and add some fresh, new life to your façade. But before you get started hanging those flower planters, mounting those window boxes, or installing that new mailbox, make sure you have all the right tools and hardware to get the job done. The first place to start is with our four-pack of window box screws. Useful as more than just hardware for window boxes, these sturdy mounting bolts are the backbone to any number of outdoor decorating projects.

Recommended uses for brick/masonry bolts:

  • Hanging our wrought iron, wooden and aluminum window boxes
  • Installing our wall brackets
  • Hanging basket brackets
  • Hanging metal wall art
  • Iron accents and air conditioning guards

*Please note: Hooks and Lattice does not recommend using these bolts to install our faux balconies. Consult a licensed contractor regarding proper hardware and installation for your project.

What could be worse than having your new window boxes all painted and ready to hang, your flowers all ready to be planted, and then realizing that you haven't got the right bolts for the job? Tough building exteriors take more than just your average screws to drill through and hang on. Though they work wonders in iron and aluminum exteriors, these heavy-duty bolts are made specifically for solid exterior walls like masonry and brick. They come with tough metal lag shields to be used in brick or masonry, ensuring that your carefully hung window boxes stay put all year long.

Each pack of window box screws includes four screws and four lag shields. Screws measure ¼" in diameter and are 2" long. This generous length ensures that your screws will drive deep into the wall for a long-lasting and reliable hold. Detailed instruction for using these bolts to install your window boxes can be found on our website. Now get out there and give your façade the facelift its been waiting for all winter!

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Width 2"
Type Wall Brackets
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