4pk of Lag Bolts for Mounting Metal Window Boxes

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Introducing our 4-pack of Lag Bolts, designed specifically for securely mounting Metal Window Boxes onto various surfaces, ensuring stability and durability for your gardening needs. Whether you're embellishing your home with Iron Cages, Decora Iron, Hayrack Trough, or Aluminum window boxes, our lag bolts provide the steadfast support required for a flawless installation.

Compatible with a range of surfaces including stucco, wood, shake, Hardiboard, or Vinyl siding, these lag bolts offer versatility to accommodate diverse mounting requirements. For vinyl siding, simply locate wood studs behind the siding for optimal anchoring strength.

To streamline your installation process, we recommend utilizing one pack (consisting of 4 bolts) for mounting window boxes ranging from 24" to 48" in length. For larger installations spanning 60" to 72", we suggest employing two packs to ensure adequate support and stability.

Crafted for wood or stucco surfaces, our lag bolts measure 3" in length with a diameter of 1/4", providing robust anchoring power to securely fasten your window boxes in place. Additionally, for masonry or stone applications, the bolts are available in 2" length accompanied by suitable lag shields for dependable attachment.

It's essential to note that our lag bolts are not recommended for use in installing faux balconies. For such projects, we advise consulting a licensed contractor to ensure proper hardware selection and installation procedures align with your specific requirements.

Elevate your exterior decor and gardening endeavors with confidence, knowing that our Lag Bolts deliver the reliability and performance necessary to support your Metal Window Boxes securely. Trust in our premium-quality hardware for a seamless and enduring installation experience.  Additional installation information is available.